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Sad news! Margaret Lobenstine died unexpectedly in her sleep on August 9, 2015. You can read an excerpt from her obituary below:

Margaret Neisser Lobenstine (1943-2015)

Amherst—Margaret Neisser Lobenstine, a peace & justice activist, published author of The Renaissance Soul, insightful life coach, ardent teacher, and devoted family member and friend, died peacefully in her sleep on Sunday, August 9.

Margaret Lobenstine was raised outside of Washington, D.C. and one of her earliest political experiences was attending the 1963 March on Washington. She continued actively fighting against racism, opposing the Vietnam War, doing community organizing, and working at an alternative press. She spoke out against child abuse and violence against women. More recently she risked arrest defending Springfield homes against foreclosures and joined marches about Black Lives Matter and climate change.

A Renaissance Soul, Ms Lobenstine’s life went in many directions. After graduating from Swarthmore College with a political science major, she got a Masters in Education, and taught at the NYU Reading Institute. She was a pioneer in the field of Bed and Breakfast Inns, and later a pioneer Life Coach. She worked as a Regional Master Trainer in the Commonwealth Literacy Corps. She was a motivational speaker and a trainer, on a wide variety of topics. She succeeded as a published author, and also had an unpublished novel.

Ms. Lobenstine loved telling stories, making people chuckle, connecting folks with things that excited them, reading, creating celebrations, mastering silent auctions, floating at Puffer’s Pond, ?watching water sparkle at the Quabbin, greeting people with huge hugs, lovingly helping people to love themselves, glowing in the Alps, and figuring out creative, alternative solutions to almost any problem. She reveled in chocolate and German marzipan. Her brothers and her in-laws mattered a lot to her. She was known as S.A.M. (Silly Aunt Margaret) by her many nieces and nephews, and grand-nieces and nephews.

Beyond everything else was her enormous love for her husband of fifty years, and for her twin daughters, Heather and Lori, in whom she took great pride and joy. She talked, listened, asked questions, laughed, and beamed at all three of them.

Secrets of the Renaissance Soul   

If your question is, "What colorS are my parachuteS?", if you find it hard to "follow your bliss" because you have blissES, you may well be a Renaissance Soul. Learn more about how to design your multifaceted life, manage your time, and connect with others who, like yourself, tend to keep changing from one thing to another.

Are You A Coach Interested in Learning The Best Ways to Coach Renaissance Souls?

Margaret's 9-CD set COACHING THE RENAISSANCE SOUL:  The Guide to Working With Clients Who Have "Too Many Interests" To Pick Just One is now available with 9 Hours of Detailed, Practical Information, All the Handouts Needed, and a half hour of free coaching from Margaret. (Unfortunately coaching calls are no longer available)  Just go to the For Coaches section for more information.

Alternative Approaches Coaching with Margaret Lobenstine

Are you in a time of transition, facing a big decision, or trying to get your small business to soar? Do you feel unfocused and always running behind? Are you looking for a coach who understands Renaissance Souls? Find out more about creative, affordable, hour and a half coaching sessions with Margaret that can be done by phone or in person. (Unfortunately coaching calls are no longer available)

Margaret Lobenstine's Expertise & Bio

Learn more about Margaret Lobenstine's work and the cutting-edge subjects she can address for your reading, listening or conference audience. 

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Geoffrey Court, London, England: "Although I had graduated with an MBA from a top school and had “done well” professionally, I was getting frustrated about my inability to find the "perfect job" for me. Having exhausted a number of career books..."


Renaissance Souls need to understand Renaissance Souls to get unstuck.  Renaissance Soul Margaret Lobenstine, author of THE RENAISSANCE SOUL, coaches Renaissance Souls in Renaissance Soul life design.  From her Renaissance Souls learn the three characteristics of Renaissance Souls, how Renaissance Souls earn money, special Renaissance Soul time management techniques.  Renaissance Souls can take the “Are you a Renaissance Soul?” quiz in the Renaissance Soul part of the website. This Renaissance Soul author explains the recent bias against Renaissance Souls and how Renaissance Souls are now more appreciated. If you are a Renaissance Soul or your partner is a Renaissance Soul or your child is a Renaissance Soul or you co-worker is a Renaissance Soul, let the Renaissance Soul expert Margaret Lobenstine explain all you need to know about Renaissance Souls.

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