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Leslie Scott, Amherst, MA: My work with Margaret showed me I’m a Renaissance Soul. What an energizing paradigm shift away from my old unwanted identity of being "scattered"! It is an expansive concept that leaves room for lots of divergent interests and talents, yet provides me with a framework for staying focused. For the first time I feel the whole of my experience in all of the parts.

Michael Bernstein, New York City: I value the time I spend with Margaret. She is an expert at seeing possibilities and teaching others how to combine multiple interests. I strongly recommend her to those who have had trouble figuring out what to do with their lives. Margaret can help!

Carlie Dunn, Portland, Oregon: In the two years that I've worked with Margaret, my life has changed radically. After many years of successful but less-than-satisfying professional work, I am pursuing interests as diverse as clowning and Holocaust education. Margaret has provided a perfect blend of resource and self-exploration, support and challenge. The work in my life has meaning that is personal and unique to me. I couldn't be in this place without Margaret!

Vic Birmingham, Annapolis MD: I have tried two other life coaches and both were so single-goal oriented they made me feel hopeless: we just weren’t on the same page. Margaret’s Renaissance Soul insights and full, personality-rich approach help me keep my many interests deliciously in balance. She has the uncanny ability to close in on exactly what I need during each session.

Geoffrey Court, London, England: Although I had graduated with an MBA from a top school and had “done well” professionally, I was getting frustrated about my inability to find the "perfect job" for me. Having exhausted a number of career books, career counselors, and every online test I could find over a period of some years, I came across a reference to Renaissance Souls (yes, it was on a career site). Then, as I began to talk through my experiences and hopes with Margaret, a light began to shine. I learned I’m not an “ugly duckling” just because I don’t neatly fitting traditional expectations, but a “swan”, too interested in too many things to be pigeon-holed into using just one of my gifts. I also learned it’s in my Renaissance Soul nature to become bored after a few years with whatever choices I make, so I’ll have to consciously welcome future changes! Using these insights, I’ve worked with Margaret to define a transition path that makes sense for my partner and me. What a different sense of purpose I have as I get moving on the next steps of my life!

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Renaissance Souls need to understand Renaissance Souls to get unstuck.  Renaissance Soul Margaret Lobenstine, author of THE RENAISSANCE SOUL, coaches Renaissance Souls in Renaissance Soul life design.  From her Renaissance Souls learn the three characteristics of Renaissance Souls, how Renaissance Souls earn money, special Renaissance Soul time management techniques.  Renaissance Souls can take the “Are you a Renaissance Soul?” quiz in the Renaissance Soul part of the website. This Renaissance Soul author explains the recent bias against Renaissance Souls and how Renaissance Souls are now more appreciated. If you are a Renaissance Soul or your partner is a Renaissance Soul or your child is a Renaissance Soul or you co-worker is a Renaissance Soul, let the Renaissance Soul expert Margaret Lobenstine explain all you need to know about Renaissance Souls.

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